Independent pump experts
Broad experience

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PumpSupport was founded in 1995 and built-up an outstanding reputation among pump suppliers, pump users, pump operators, process and equipment designers, pump buyers, pump manufacturers etc.

PumpSupport offers independent pump expertise by well educated and experienced pump and process engineers. PumpSupport is never in the loop for any supply, installation or repair of process equipment and therefore they offer you the objective support for the selection, production, application and sales of fluid handling pumps you need. A few examples

  •  Independent knowledge provider
  •  Optimisation of your installation
  •  Market review
  •  Second opinion
  •  Mediator in conflicts
  •  Translation of manuals etc.
  •  Publicity
  •  Analysis and simulation with computer software
  •  Specification of the optimal pump for your system
  •  Trouble shooting and Problem solving
  •  Assessments
  •  Consultancy
  •  Trainings pump and process technology
  •  Support of your staff during peak times, and / or during temporary understaffing
  •  Market research
  •  Tests

Anything else that you would expect from independent pump experts

PumpSupport never supplies, repairs or installs pumps. Our objectivity and your privacy are guaranteed.

All our engineers have a technical and/or commercial background and many years of experience at pump suppliers, but also at pump manufacturers, plant owners, engineering companies etc. They will certainly be able to fulfil your needs.

Our services concentrate mainly on support during purchase, sales, installation and operation of fluid pumps. Within these fields we offer a wide range of services. Our specialised services are always custom made, and the period depends on what is required - an hour, a day, a week etc.

Examples are consultancy and detachment of engineers, but we also organize computer calculation and simulation, trainings , market research, specialised translations etc.

Perhaps this information gives you an idea; Please contact us without any obligation in case you would need additional information or discuss the support we can offer to YOU!.